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Game Engine Gems 2
Edited by Eric Lengyel
A K Peters, 2011
ISBN 978-1-56881-437-7
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Fast Computation of Tight-Fitting Oriented Bounding Boxes
Thomas Larsson, Linus Källberg
Pages 3–19
Modeling, Lighting, and Rendering Techniques for Volumetric Clouds
Frank Kane
Pages 21–43
Simulation of Night-Vision and Infrared Sensors
Frank Kane
Pages 45–54
Screen-Space Classification for Efficient Deferred Shading
Balor Knight, Matthew Ritchie, George Parrish
Pages 55–73
Delaying OpenGL Calls
Patrick Cozzi
Pages 75–85
A Framework for GLSL Engine Uniforms
Patrick Cozzi
Pages 87–96
A Spatial and Temporal Coherence Framework for Real-Time Graphics
Michał Drobot
Pages 97–118
Implementing a Fast DDOF Solver
Holger Grün
Pages 119–133
Automatic Dynamic Stereoscopic 3D
Jason Hughes
Pages 135–149
Practical Stereo Rendering
Matthew Johnson
Pages 151–162
Making 3D Stereoscopic Games
Sébastien Schertenleib
Pages 163–178
A Generic Multiview Rendering Engine Architecture
M. Adil Yalçın, Tolga Çapın
Pages 179–197
3D in a Web Browser
Rémi Arnaud
Pages 199–227
2D Magic
Daniel Higgins
Pages 229–248
High-Performance Programming with Data-Oriented Design
Noel Llopis
Pages 251–261
Game Tuning Infrastructure
Wessam Bahnassi
Pages 263–277
Placeholders beyond Static Art Replacement
Oliver Vaillancourt, Richard Egli
Pages 279–305
Believable Dead Reckoning for Networked Games
Curtiss Murphy
Pages 307–328
An Egocentric Motion Management System
Michael Ramsey
Pages 329–342
Pointer Patching Assets
Jason Hughes
Pages 343–354
Data-Driven Sound Pack Loading and Organization
Simon Franco
Pages 355–363
GPGPU Cloth Simulation Using GLSL, OpenCL, and CUDA
Marco Fratarcangeli
Pages 365–378
A Jitter-Tolerant Rigid Body Sleep Condition
Eric Lengyel
Pages 379–381
Bit Hacks for Games
Eric Lengyel
Pages 385–396
Introspection for C++ Game Engines
Jon Watte
Pages 397–407
A Highly Optimized Portable Memory Manager
Jason Hughes
Pages 409–426
Simple Remote Heaps
Jason Hughes
Pages 427–436
A Cache-Aware Hybrid Sorter
Manny Ko
Pages 437–448
Thread Communication Techniques
Julien Hamaide
Pages 449–456
A Cross-Platform Multithreading Framework
Martin Fleisz
Pages 457–474
Producer-Consumer Queues
Matthew Johnson
Pages 475–497