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Game Programming Gems
Edited by Mark DeLoura
Charles River Media, 2000
ISBN 1-58450-049-2


The Magic of Data-Driven Design
Steve Rabin
Pages 3–7
Object-Oriented Programming and Design Techniques
James Boer
Pages 8–19
Fast Math Using Template Metaprogramming
Pete Isensee
Pages 20–35
An Automatic Singleton Utility
Scott Bilas
Pages 36–40
Using the STL in Game Programming
James Boer
Pages 41–55
A Generic Function-Binding Interface
Scott Bilas
Pages 56–67
A Generic Handle-Based Resource Manager
Scott Bilas
Pages 68–79
Resource and Memory Management
James Boer
Pages 80–87
Fast Data Load Trick
John Olsen
Pages 88–91
Frame-Based Memory Allocation
Steven Ranck
Pages 92–100
Simple, Fast Bit Arrays
Andrew Kirmse
Pages 101–103
A Network Protocol for Online Games
Andrew Kirmse
Pages 104–108
Squeezing More Out of Assert
Steve Rabin
Pages 109–114
Stats: Real-Time Statistics and In-Game Debugging
John Olsen
Pages 115–119
Real-Time In-Game Profiling
Steve Rabin
Pages 120–130
Predictable Random Numbers
Guy W. Lecky-Thompson
Pages 133–140
Interpolation Methods
John Olsen
Pages 141–149
Integrating the Equations of Rigid Body Motion
Miguel Gomez
Pages 150–160
Polynomial Approximations to Trigonometric Functions
Eddie Edwards
Pages 161–176
Using Implicit Euler Integration for Numerical Stability
Miguel Gomez
Pages 177–181
Wavelets: Theory and Compression
Loïc Le Chevalier
Pages 182–186
Interactive Simulation of Water Surfaces
Miguel Gomez
Pages 187–194
Quaternions for Game Programming
Jan Svarovsky
Pages 195–199
Matrix-Quaternion Conversions
Jason Shankel
Pages 200–204
Interpolating Quaternions
Jason Shankel
Pages 205–213
The Shortest Arc Quaternion
Stan Melax
Pages 214–218
Designing a General Robust AI Engine
Steve Rabin
Pages 221–236
A Finite-State Machine Class
Eric Dysband
Pages 237–248
Game Trees
Jan Svarovsky
Pages 249–253
The Basics of A* for Path Planning
Bryan Stout
Pages 254–263
A* Aesthetic Optimizations
Steve Rabin
Pages 264–271
A* Speed Optimizations
Steve Rabin
Pages 272–287
Simplified 3D Movement and Pathfinding Using Navigation Meshes
Greg Snook
Pages 288–304
Flocking: A Simple Technique for Simulating Group Behavior
Steven Woodcock
Pages 305–318
Fuzzy Logic for Video Games
Mason McCuskey
Pages 319–329
A Neural-Net Primer
André LaMothe
Pages 330–350
Optimizing Vertex Submission for OpenGL
Herbert Marselas
Pages 353–360
Tweaking a Vertex’s Projected Depth Value
Eric Lengyel
Pages 361–365
The Vector Camera
David Paull
Pages 366–370
Camera Control Techniques
Dante Treglia
Pages 371–379
A Fast Cylinder-Frustum Intersection Test
Eric Lengyel
Pages 380–389
3D Collision Detection
Kevin Kaiser
Pages 390–402
Multi-Resolution Maps for Interaction Detection
Jan Svarovsky
Pages 403–411
Computing the Distance into a Sector
Steven Ranck
Pages 412–420
Object Occlusion Culling
Tim Round
Pages 421–431
Never Let ’Em See You Pop—Issues in Geometric Level of Detail Selection
Yossarian King
Pages 432–438
Octree Construction
Dan Ginsburg
Pages 439–443
Loose Octrees
Thatcher Ulrich
Pages 444–453
View-Independent Progressive Meshing
Jan Svarovsky
Pages 454–464
Interpolated 3D Keyframe Animation
Herbert Marselas
Pages 465–470
A Fast and Simple Skinning Technique
Torgeir Hagland
Pages 471–475
Filling the Gaps—Advanced Animation Using Stitching and Skinning
Ryan Woodland
Pages 476–483
Real-Time Realistic Terrain Generation
Guy W. Lecky-Thompson
Pages 484–498
Fractal Terrain Generation—Fault Formation
Jason Shankel
Pages 499–502
Fractal Terrain Generation—Midpoint Displacement
Jason Shankel
Pages 503–507
Fractal Terrain Generation—Particle Deposition
Jason Shankel
Pages 508–511
2D Lens Flare
Yossarian King
Pages 515–518
Using 3D Hardware for 2D Sprite Effects
Mason McCuskey
Pages 519–523
Motif-Based Static Lighting
Steven Ranck
Pages 524–534
Simulated Real-Time Lighting Using Vertex Color Interpolation
Jorge Freitas
Pages 535–542
Attenuation Maps
Sim Dietrich
Pages 543–548
Advanced Texturing Using Texture Coordinate Generation
Ryan Woodland
Pages 549–554
Hardware Bump Mapping
Sim Dietrich
Pages 555–561
Ground-Plane Shadows
Yossarian King
Pages 562–566
Real-Time Shadows on Complex Objects
Gabor Nagy
Pages 567–580
Improving Environment-Mapped Reflection Using Glossy Prefiltering and the Fresnel Term
Anis Ahmad
Pages 581–585
Convincing-Looking Glass for Games
Gabor Nagy
Pages 586–593
Refraction Mapping for Liquids in Containers
Alex Vlachos, Jason Mitchell
Pages 594–600