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Edited by Wolfgang Engel
A K Peters, 2010
ISBN 978-1-56881-472-8


GPU Color Quantization
Chi Sing Leung, Tze-Yui Ho, Yi Xiao
Pages 3–13
Visualize Your Shadow Map Techniques
Fan Zhang, Chong Zhao, Adrian Egli
Pages 15–29
As Simple as Possible Tessellation for Interactive Applications
Tamy Boubekeur
Pages 33–39
Rule-Based Geometry Synthesis in Real-Time
Milán Magdics, Gergely Klár
Pages 41–66
GPU-Based NURBS Geometry Evaluation and Rendering
Graham Hemingway
Pages 67–85
Polygonal-Functional Hybrids for Computer Animation and Games
D. Kravtsov, O. Fryazinov, V. Adzhiev, A. Pasko, P. Comninos
Pages 87–114
Quadtree Displacement Mapping with Height Blending
Michał Drobot
Pages 117–148
NPR Effects Using the Geometry Shader
Pedro Hermosilla, Pere-Pau Vázquez
Pages 149–165
Alpha Blending as a Post-Process
Benjamin Hathaway
Pages 167–184
Virtual Texture Mapping 101
Matthäus G. Chajdas, Christian Eisenacher, Marc Stamminger, Sylvain Lefebvre
Pages 185–195
Fast, Stencil-Based Multiresolution Splatting for Indirect Illumination
Chris Wyman, Greg Nichols, Jeremy Shopf
Pages 199–213
Screen-Space Directional Occlusion
Thorsten Grosch, Tobias Ritschel
Pages 215–230
Real-Time Multi-Bounce Ray-Tracing with Geometry Impostors
Péter Dancsik, László Szécsi
Pages 231–244
Anisotropic Kuwahara Filtering on the GPU
Jan Eric Kyprianidis, Henry Kang, Jürgen Döllner
Pages 247–264
Edge Anti-aliasing by Post-Processing
Hugh Malan
Pages 265–289
Environment Mapping with Flyod-Steinberg Halftoning
László Szirmay-Kalos, László Szécsi, Anton Penzov
Pages 291–304
Hierarchical Item Buffers for Granular Occlusion Culling
Thomas Engelhardt, Carsten Dachsbacher
Pages 305–314
Realistic Depth of Field in Postproduction
David Illes, Peter Horvath
Pages 315–326
Real-Time Screen Space Cloud Lighting
Kaori Kubota
Pages 327–333
Screen-Space Subsurface Scattering
Jorge Jimenez, Diego Gutierrez
Pages 335–351
Migration to OpenGL ES 2.0
Ken Catterall
Pages 355–373
Touchscreen-Based User Interaction
Andrea Bizzotto
Pages 375–383
iPhone 3GS Graphics Development and Optimization Strategies
Andrew Senior
Pages 385–395
Optimizing a 3D UI Engine for Mobile Devices
Hyunwoo Ki
Pages 397–411
Fast Conventional Shadow Filtering
Holger Grün
Pages 415–445
Hybrid Min/Max Plane-Based Shadow Maps
Holger Grün
Pages 447–454
Shadow Mapping for Omnidirectional Light Using Tetrahedron Mapping
Hung-Chien Liao
Pages 455–475
Screen Space Soft Shadows
Jesus Gumbau, Miguel Chover, Mateu Sbert
Pages 477–491
Multi-Fragment Effects on the GPU Using Bucket Sort
Meng-Cheng Huang, Fang Liu, Xue-Hui Liu, En-Hua Wu
Pages 495–508
Parallelized Light Pre-Pass Rendering with the Cell Broadband Engine
Steven Tovey, Stephen McAuley
Pages 509–528
Porting Code between Direct3D9 and OpenGL 2.0
Wojciech Sterna
Pages 529–540
Practical Thread Rendering for DirectX 9
David Pangerl
Pages 541–546
Stylized Rendering in Spore
Shalin Shodhan, Andrew Willmott
Pages 549–560
Rendering Techniques in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
Pawel Rohleder, Maciej Jamrozik
Pages 561–569
Making it Large, Beautiful, Fast, and Consistent: Lessons Learned Developing Just Cause 2
Emil Persson
Pages 571–596
Destructible Volumetric Terrain
Marek Rosa
Pages 597–609
Parallelized Implementation of Universal Visual Computer
Tze-Yui Ho, Ping-Man Lam, Chi-Sing Leung
Pages 613–622
Accelerating Virtual Texturing Using CUDA
Charles-Frederik Hollemeersch, Bart Pieters, Peter Lambert, Rik Van de Walle
Pages 623–642
Efficient Rendering of Highly Detailed Volumetric Scenes with GigaVoxels
Cyril Crassin, Fabrice Neyret, Miguel Sainz, Elmar Eisemann
Pages 643–677
Spatial Binning on the GPU
Chris Oat, Joshua Barczak, Jeremy Shopf
Pages 679–692
Real-Time Interaction between Particles and the Dynamic Mesh on the GPU
Vlad Alexandrov
Pages 693–706