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Graphics Gems IV
Edited by Paul S. Heckbert
Morgan Kaufmann, 1994
ISBN 0-12-336155-9
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Centroid of a Polygon
Gerard Bashein, Paul R. Detmer
Pages 3–6
Testing the Convexity of a Polygon
Peter Schorn, Frederick Fisher
Pages 7–15
An Incremental Angle Point in Polygon Test
Kevin Weiler
Pages 16–23
Point in Polygon Strategies
Eric Haines
Pages 24–46
Incremental Delaunay Triangulation
Dani Lischinski
Pages 47–59
Building Vertex Normals from an Unstructured Polygon List
Andrew S. Glassner
Pages 60–73
Detecting Intersection of a Rectangular Solid and a Convex Polyhedron
Ned Greene
Pages 74–82
Fast Collision Detection of Moving Convex Polyhedra
Rich Rabbitz
Pages 83–109
Distance to an Ellipsoid
John C. Hart
Pages 113–119
Fast Linear Approximations of Euclidean Distance in Higher Dimensions
Yoshikazu Ohashi
Pages 120–124
Direct Outcode Calculation for Faster Clip Testing
Walt Donovan, Tim Van Hook
Pages 125–131
Computing the Area of a Spherical Polygon
Robert D. Miller
Pages 132–137
The Pleasures of “Perp Dot” Products
F. S. Hill, Jr.
Pages 138–148
Geometry for N-Dimensional Graphics
Andrew J. Hanson
Pages 149–170
Arcball Rotation Control
Ken Shoemake
Pages 175–192
Efficient Eigenvalues for Visualization
Robert L. Cromwell
Pages 193–198
Fast Inversion of Length- and Angle-Preserving Matrices
Kevin Wu
Pages 199–206
Polar Matrix Decomposition
Ken Shoemake
Pages 207–221
Euler Angle Conversion
Ken Shoemake
Pages 222–229
Fiber Bundle Twist Reduction
Ken Shoemake
Pages 230–236
Smoothing and Interpolation with Finite Differences
Paul H. C. Eilers
Pages 241–250
Knot Insertion Using Forward Differences
Phillip Barry, Ronald Goldman
Pages 251–255
Converting a Rational Curve to a Standard Rational Bernstein-Bézier Representation
Chandrajit Bajaj, Guoliang Xu
Pages 256–260
Intersecting Parametric Cubic Curves by Midpoint Subdivision
R. Victor Klassen
Pages 261–277
Converting Rectangular Patches into Bézier Triangles
Dani Lischinski
Pages 278–285
Tessellation of NURB Surfaces
John W. Peterson
Pages 286–320
Equations of Cylinders and Cones
Ching-Kuang Shene
Pages 321–323
An Implicit Surface Polygonizer
Jules Bloomenthal
Pages 324–349
Computing the Intersection of a Line and a Cylinder
Ching-Kuang Shene
Pages 353–355
Intersecting a Ray with a Cylinder
Joseph M. Cychosz, Warren N. Waggenspack, Jr.
Pages 356–365
Voxel Traversal along a 3D Line
Daniel Cohen
Pages 366–369
Multi-Jittered Sampling
Kenneth Chiu, Peter Shirley, Changyaw Wang
Pages 370–374
A Minimal Ray Tracer
Paul S. Heckbert
Pages 375–381
A Fast Alternative to Phong’s Specular Model
Christophe Schlick
Pages 385–387
R·E versus N·H Specular Highlights
Frederick Fisher, Andrew Woo
Pages 388–400
Fast Alternatives to Perlin’s Bias and Gain Functions
Christophe Schlick
Pages 401–403
Fence Shading
Uwe Behrens
Pages 404–409
XOR-Drawing with Guaranteed Contrast
Manfred Kopp, Michael Gervautz
Pages 413–414
A Contrast-Based Scalefactor for Luminance Display
Greg Ward
Pages 415–421
High Dynamic Range Pixels
Christophe Schlick
Pages 422–429
Fast Embossing Effects on Raster Image Data
John Schlag
Pages 433–437
Bilinear Coons Patch Image Warping
Paul S. Heckbert
Pages 438–446
Fast Convolution with Packed Lookup Tables
George Wolberg, Henry Massalin
Pages 447–464
Efficient Binary Image Thinning Using Neighborhood Maps
Joseph M. Cychosz
Pages 465–473
Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization
Karel Zuiderveld
Pages 474–485
Ideal Tiles for Shading and Halftoning
Alan W. Paeth
Pages 486–492
Placing Text Labels on Maps and Diagrams
Jon Christensen, Joe Marks, Stuart Shieber
Pages 497–504
Dynamic Layout Algorithm to Display General Graphs
László Szirmay-Kalos
Pages 505–517
Tri-linear Interpolation
Steve Hill
Pages 521–525
Faster Linear Interpolation
Steven Eker
Pages 526–533
C++ Vector and Matrix Algebra Routines
Jean-François Doué
Pages 534–557
C Header File and Vector Library
Andrew S. Glassner, Eric Haines
Pages 558–570