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Game Programming Gems 8
Edited by Adam Lake
Cengage Learning, 2010
ISBN 978-1-58450-702-4


Fast Font Rendering with Instancing
Aurelio Reis
Pages 3–11
Principles and Practice of Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Dominic Filion
Pages 12–31
Multi-Resolution Deferred Shading
Hyunwoo Ki
Pages 32–38
View Frustum Culling of Catmull-Clark Patches in DirectX 11
Rahul Sathe
Pages 39–49
Ambient Occlusion Using DirectX Compute Shader
Jason Zink
Pages 50–73
Eye-View Pixel Anti-Aliasing for Irregular Shadow Mapping
Nico Galoppo
Pages 74–89
Overlapped Execution on Programmable Graphics Hardware
Allen Hux
Pages 90–100
Techniques for Effective Vertex and Fragment Shading on the SPUs
Steven Tovey
Pages 101–118
A Versatile and Interactive Anatomical Human Face Model
Marco Fratarcangeli
Pages 121–131
Curved Paths for Seamless Character Animation
Michael Lewin
Pages 132–140
Non-Iterative, Closed-Form, Inverse Kinematic Chain Solver (NCF IK)
Philip Taylor
Pages 141–151
Particle Swarm Optimization for Game Programming
Dario Sancho-Pradel
Pages 152–167
Improved Numerical Integration with Analytical Techniques
Eric Brown
Pages 168–182
What a Drag: Modeling Realistic Three-Dimensional Air and Fluid Resistance
B. Charles Rasco
Pages 183–193
Application of Quasi-Fluid Dynamics for Arbitrary Closed Meshes
Krzysztof Mieloszyk
Pages 194–201
Approximate Convex Decomposition for Real-Time Collision Detection
Khaled Mamou
Pages 202–210
AI Level of Detail for Really Large Worlds
Cyril Brom, Tomáš Poch, Ondřej Šerý
Pages 213–231
A Pattern-Based Approach to Modular AI for Games
Kevin Dill
Pages 232–243
Automated Navigation Mesh Generation Using Advanced Growth-Based Techniques
D. Hunter Hale, G. Michael Youngblood
Pages 244–255
A Practical Spatial Architecture for Animal and Agent Navigation
Michael Ramsey
Pages 256–263
Applying Control Theory to Game AI and Physics
Brian Pickrell
Pages 264–278
Adaptive Tactic Selection in First-Person Shooter (FPS) Games
Thomas Hartley, Quasim Mehdi
Pages 279–287
Embracing Chaos Theory: Generating Apparent Unpredictability through Deterministic Systems
Dave Mark
Pages 288–301
Needs-Based AI
Robert Zubek
Pages 302–311
A Framework for Emotional Digital Actors
Phil Carlisle
Pages 312–322
Scalable Dialog Authoring
Baylor Wetzel
Pages 323–334
Graph-Based Data Mining for Player Trace Analysis in MMORPGs
Nikhil S. Ketkar, G. Michael Youngblood
Pages 335–351
Joshua Grass
Pages 355–362
Registered Variables
Peter Dalton
Pages 363–372
Efficient and Scalable Multi-Core Programming
Jean-François Dubé
Pages 373–384
Game Optimization through the Lens of Memory and Data Access
Steve Rabin
Pages 385–392
Stack Allocation
Michael Dailly
Pages 393–401
Design and Implementation of an In-Game Memory Profiler
Ricky Lung
Pages 402–408
A More Informative Error Log Generator
João Lucas Guberman Raza, Peter Iliev, Jr.
Pages 409–415
Code Coverage for QA
Matthew Jack
Pages 416–427
Domain-Specific Languages in Game Engines
Gabriel Ware
Pages 428–441
A Flexible User Interface Layout System for Divergent Environments
Gero Gerber
Pages 442–452
Road Creation for Projectable Terrain Meshes
Igor Borovikov, Aleksey Kadukin
Pages 453–461
Developing for Digital Drawing Tablets
Neil Gower
Pages 462–472
Creating a Multi-Threaded Actor-Based Architecture Using Intel Threading Building Blocks
Robert Jay Gould
Pages 473–484
Secure Channel Communication
Chris Lomont
Pages 487–497
Social Networks in Games: Playing with Your Facebook Friends
Claus Höfele
Pages 498–505
Asynchronous I/O for Scalable Game Servers
Neil Gower
Pages 506–513
Introduction to 3D Streaming Technology in Massively Multiplayer Online Games
Kevin Kaichuan He
Pages 514–538
A Practical DSP Radio Effect
Ian Ni-Lewis
Pages 542–552
Empowering Your Audio Team with a Great Engine
Mat Noguchi
Pages 553–562
Real-Time Sound Synthesis for Rigid Bodies
Zhimin Ren, Ming Lin
Pages 563–572
Using Heterogeneous Parallel Architectures with OpenCL
Udeepta Bordoloi, Benedict R. Gaster, Marc Romankewicz
Pages 575–589
PhysX GPU Rigid Bodies in Batman: Arkham Asylum
Richard Tonge, Ben Wyatt, Ben Nicholson
Pages 590–601
Fast GPU Fluid Simulation in PhysX
Simon Schirm, Mark Harris
Pages 602–615