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Game Programming Gems 7
Edited by Scott Jacobs
Charles River Media, 2008
ISBN 978-1-58450-527-3


Efficient Cache Replacement Using the Age and Cost Metrics
Colt McAnlis
Pages 5–14
High Performance Heap Allocator
Dimitar Lazarov
Pages 15–23
Optical Flow for Video Games Played with Webcams
Arnau Ramisa, Enric Vergara, Enric Martí
Pages 25–33
Design and Implementation of a Multi-Platform Threading Engine
Michael Ramsey
Pages 35–46
For Bees and Gamers: How to Handle Hexagonal Tiles
Thomas Jahn, Jörn Loviscach
Pages 47–58
A Sketch-Based Interface to Real-Time Strategy Games Based on a Cellular Automaton
Carlos Dietrich, Luciana Nedel, João L. D. Comba
Pages 59–67
Foot Navigation Technique for First-Person Shooting Games
Marcus Aurelius C. Farias, Daniela G. Trevisan, Luciana Nedel
Pages 69–79
Deferred Function Call Invocation System
Mark Jawad
Pages 81–85
Multithreaded Job and Dependency System
Julien Hamaide
Pages 87–96
Advanced Debugging Techniques
Martin Fleisz
Pages 97–105
Random Number Generation
Chris Lomont
Pages 113–125
Fast Generic Ray Queries for Games
Jacco Bikker
Pages 127–141
Fast Rigid-Body Collision Detection Using Farthest Feature Maps
Rahul Sathe, Dillon Sharlet
Pages 143–151
Using Projective Space to Improve Precision of Geometric Computations
Krzysztof Kluczek
Pages 153–164
XenoCollide: Complex Collision Made Simple
Gary Snethen
Pages 165–178
Efficient Collision Detection Using Transformation Semantics
José Gilvan Rodrigues Maia, Creto Augusto Vidal, Joaquim Bento Cavalcante-Neto
Pages 179–189
Trigonometric Splines
Tony Barrera, Anders Hast, Ewert Bengtsson
Pages 191–197
Using Gaussian Randomness to Realistically Vary Projectile Paths
Steve Rabin
Pages 199–204
Creating Interesting Agents with Behavior Cloning
John Harger, Nathan Fabian
Pages 209–216
Designing a Realistic and Unified Agent-Sensing Model
Steve Rabin, Michael Delp
Pages 217–228
Managing AI Algorithmic Complexity: Generic Programming Approach
Iskander Umarov, Anatoli Beliaev
Pages 229–247
All About Attitude: Building Blocks for Opinion, Reputation, and NPC Personalities
Michael F. Lynch
Pages 249–263
Understanding Intelligence in Games Using Player Traces and Interactive Player Graphs
G. Michael Youngblood, Priyesh N. Dixit
Pages 265–280
Goal-Oriented Plan Merging
Michael Dawe
Pages 281–287
Beyond A*: IDA* and Fringe Search
Robert Kirk DeLisle
Pages 289–294
Audio Signal Processing Using Programmable Graphics Hardware
Mark France
Pages 299–304
MultiStream—The Art of Writing a Next-Gen Audio Engine
Jason Page
Pages 305–319
Listen Carefully, You Probably Won't Hear This Again
Stephan Schütze
Pages 321–330
Real-Time Audio Effects Applied
Ken Noland
Pages 331–339
Context-Driven Layered Mixing
Robert Sparks
Pages 341–347
Advanced Particle Deposition
Jeremy Hayes
Pages 353–364
Reducing Cumulative Errors in Skeletal Animation
Bill Budge
Pages 365–371
An Alternative Model for Shading of Diffuse Light for Rough Materials
Tony Barrera, Anders Hast, Ewert Bengtsson
Pages 373–380
High-Performance Subdivision Surfaces
Chris Lomont
Pages 381–400
Animating Relief Impostors Using Radial Basis Functions Textures
Vitor Fernando Pamplona, Manuel M. Oliveira, Luciana Nedel
Pages 401–412
Clipmapping on SM1.1 and Higher
Ben Garney
Pages 413–422
An Advanced Decal System
Joris Mans, Dmitry Andreev
Pages 423–434
Mapping Large Textures for Outdoor Terrain Rendering
Antonio Seoane, Javier Taibo, Luis Hernández, Alberto Jaspe
Pages 435–446
Art-Based Rendering with Graftal Impostors
Joshua A. Doss
Pages 447–454
Cheap Talk: Dynamic Real-Time Lipsync
Timothy Roden
Pages 455–461
High-Level Abstraction of Game World Synchronization
Hyun-jik Bae
Pages 467–479
Authentication for Online Games
Jon Watte
Pages 481–489
Game Network Debugging with Smart Packet Sniffers
David L. Koenig
Pages 491–497
Automatic Lua Binding System
Julien Hamaide
Pages 503–516
Serializing C++ Objects into a Database Using Introspection
Joris Mans
Pages 517–534
Martin Linklater
Pages 535–540
Support Your Local Artists: Adding Shaders to Your Engine
Curtiss Murphy
Pages 541–554
Dance with Python's AST
Zou Guangxian
Pages 555–559